About Tina

What stands out about Tina is her sense of ease. She has no need to prove anything to anybody; she is very willing to say “no” to pressure; she nearly always has a smile on her face, especially when listening to someone else. Occasionally, she throws in a nonchalant wink when talking.

Tina defies convention and embodies integration. She is confident and self-possessed. She speaks authoritatively without the slightest hint of condescension. She draws on her own experiences in a myriad of roles and refuses to compartmentalize them. She is well aware that everyone has limits, and is comfortable with her own.

Tina’s professional background is breathtaking in its scope and depth: Director of the Medical Family Therapy Program at Seattle Pacific University, Founder and President of The Northwest Institute on Intimacy, marriage and family therapist, sex therapist, author, consultant, junior and senior high sex educator, the list goes on.

She speaks of experiences bluntly and relationships fondly. When teaching junior high sex education, Tina had a question box that students could ask anonymous questions and she would answer them for the whole class. “Any question...I will answer it straightforward, and in a way that is respectful and appropriate.” She adds, “I just have so much respect for junior high-aged kids, that they have so much wisdom.”

A particularly admirable quality of Tina’s is her ability to look at the past with compassion. Even in moments of heartbreak, she views difficult experiences as “pick[ing] pebbles off the ground that would be worthwhile…that it would not be in vain.”

Above all, Tina is a whole. She is not simply a professor, an author, a mother, a grandmother, a public figure; she is all of these things and will not separate them.