Steven has a voice like none other. It is deep and resonant, confident and tender. His tempo is
measured, and hints at a wealth of ideas just below the surface. On that surface, he is a husband,
a father of two, a published author with a plethora of experience, and a Navy veteran. However,
if you spend more than a few minutes around him, it becomes bluntly obvious that Steven has
layers of depth and complexity that have been either earned or imposed upon him throughout the

Steven grew up in West Virginia as the oldest of three children. He has an incredibly caring
relationship with his sisters. When talking of growing up with them, he laughs about the “really
cool dynamic where my sisters would gang up on me…it’s been like that for a long time.”
Steven’s recent novel, Potted Meat, which is dedicated to his eldest sister, displays an
endearingly gentle relationship between the protagonist and her. “I respond to her
tenderness in a tender way also,” he says of the clear similarities between the characters in the
book and his relationship with her.

Steven’s relationship with his parents has an entirely different character. He grew up in an
abusive and poverty-stricken home environment, as did his mother, and has had to distance
himself from his parents as an adult. What is inspiring is to hear is how he has developed
empathy for his mother through conversations with her as she reads his writing. Steven has a
phenomenal talent for writing and telling stories, and also for treating those around him with

Steven turned a natural propensity for math into a decade-long career in the US Navy. “I did a
lot of satellite and radar technology,” he says. “The technical side of the job was okay…but I
hated the military. I hated the culture of it.” Ironically, he met his wife Tara, who grew up in
Hawaii, after leaving his post in Hawaii. It was Tara who first inspired Steven to become a
writer. He had been pursuing visual arts, and she drew attention to his use of words in his
paintings. That, as he puts it, “let me know that I should be a writer.” The two now live in
Denver with his teenage daughter Jada and their two-year-old son Ever. Steven is pursuing a
Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing at Goddard College, with the hopes of teaching writing
full-time in the future.

Amongst all of these responsibilities and endeavors, Steven makes it a point to ensure that other
people’s voices are heard. He teaches writing workshops for military veterans with the Colorado
Department of Humanities; he created a reading series in Denver that focuses on writers of color;
he is currently helping put together an anthology of stories written by veterans, veterans’
spouses, refugees, and immigrants; he will take that group of writers on a book tour once the
anthology is published. He works tirelessly to improve his world, and he keeps others’ voices in
the limelight throughout the process.